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 Da rule's for Abyssea

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PostSubject: Da rule's for Abyssea   Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:12 am

With the Vana’diel world be expanded again and the new implementation of raised levels and new gear DeepBlueSea (DBS) is hopping on the express for new gear and bling, bling….

Abyssea is a world parallel to Vana'diel, each of its areas are similar to their entrance areas.

Getting Started

    1. Travel to Port Jeuno for the first quest A Journey Begins. Talk to Joachim in Port Jeuno (H-8).

    2. He'll give you a Traverser Stone. Head to Tahrongi Canyon (H-12), Konschtat Highlands] (I-12) or La Theine Plateau (D-4) and click on the Cavernous Maw.
      • To obtain additional stones one must first complete The Truth Beckons before Joachim will give you another stone.
      • Joachim will continue to create a new stone every 20 hours, up to a maximum of stones.
      • You can obtain a new stone every 20 hours (Earth Time) and can hold up to a maximum of 3 stones at one time. If you complete The Truth Beckons any time after 20hours have past since getting your first Traverser Stone, you will qualify for another. It is recommended that you gain Visitant Status or you will have to wait 1 hour to go back in again.

    3. Upon entering one of the three areas you will have 5 minutes of preparation before you must gain Visitant Status from the Conflux Surveyor in the area. If you fail to gain Visitant Status before the time is up, you will be ejected from the area.

    4. Visitant Status carries over if you leave before your time is up.

    5. When requesting Visitant Status, you are given a choice of how many Traverser Stones you want to expend.
      • Each stone used will give 30 minutes of time within the area, with a maximum of 120 minutes.
      • While you can only hold 3 stones initially, it will be possible to increase the limit to 4 stones, see abyssite.
      • Your time in the area cannot exceed 120 minutes. If you have more than 90 minutes remaining and you use a stone, you will only gain the difference between 120 minutes and your remaining time.

    6. Once you gain visitant Status, you are free to roam abyssea for the remaining time allowed.
      • You will be given warnings at certain intervals, notifying you how much time you have left within the area.

    7. Once you are out of time, you will be returned to the Cavernous Maw which took you in.
      • You will not be able to enter the area again for 60 minutes upon leaving the area. Examining the Cavernous Maw before the 60 minutes is up will give you the message: "Your body cannot cope with further Strain. You must rest for another X minutes. This only applies if you ran out of time, left the area with less than 5 minutes remaining, or never obtained visitant status.

Inside Abyssea

      • Monsters with a glowing aura surrounding them (seen thus far in the Clionid and Limule families, both of which bear the name Ephemeral instead of their usual area designation) are noted to award several times the experience points given by a normal enemy when defeated.
      • Normal enemies respawn at a fairly quick rate.
      • Enemies may respawn at different levels depending on how fast they are killed and by what level players.
      • Enemies have a decent chance to drop Treasure Chests, similar in function to brown treasure caskets
      • If you are killed in Abyssea, accepting Tractor will place you back at the starting encampment and you will lose your visitant status, and will be kicked out of Abyssea in 5 minutes time. (Accepting Tractor is considered zoning.)

The Basics

When organizing events for the Abyssean areas, Linkshell members will have FIRST consideration, prior to allowing additional masses to join our runs. This is to ensure OUR members are able to get the things, items…etc of desire before non-members. There will be a set of basic simple rules that we will obide by during these events.
      • A full alliance is desired prior to each run but not necessary

      • ANY person(s) not following rules will be immediately expelled from the alliance (only)

      • There will be (2) individuals who will be designated to open BLUE and GOLD chests

      • There will be (2) individuals who will be designated to be main /assists

      • Puller(s) who are designated need to ensure that they are not under/over pulling for maximum farming.

      • Participation in such event does not constitute automatic acceptance into the shell (this does not mean we won’t accept new members, we aren’t going to hand out pearls to the world)

      • REMEMBER this is suppose to be fun…. Use common sense and lets gear up!!!

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Da rule's for Abyssea
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