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 Heeerrrrrrre's Gofer!!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Heeerrrrrrre's Gofer!!!!!!!   Tue Dec 22, 2009 1:18 am

Hello figured I have been around long enough now that I should probably introduce myself. My RL name is Jay you all know me as Goferlips. Odd name yes I know. It started on a drunken evening about 7yrs ago and that was the first thing (dont ask why) that came to my mind lol. I am 32 years old divorced and live on my own in Michigan. Was born and raised in the city of Detroit (and a lovely city it is Razz ). I am currently going to the University of Phoenix to obtain a bachelors degree in Computer Science. Looking to obtain a career in computer software engineering. I am far from a saint. Born and raised in a rough neighborhood has been a contributer to my idealistic ways of dealing with extreme issues. Funny thing is the older you get the easier it is to walk away, which was a problem I had up until recently understanding that I am getting a little to old for dealing with things in a violent manner (boxing for 10 yrs has been somewhat of a help lol). I was married to a beautiful women for 5 yrs but it just did not work out. More or less we both just wanted different things and were at different points of our lives so we chose to do the best thing for the both of us. I have been playing FFXI for about 6 years now on and off. My cousin got me into the game and have been playing it ever since. It's like crack once your hooked you just cant get off Mad . I recently quit drinking been about 8 months since my last alcoholic beverage Sad but I needed to straighten up for school and it has served me well. Well thats it so far if you would like to know anything more don't hesitate to ask Smile . I have included a couple pics of me and my favorite doggy (Envy) a purebread Bull Stafordshire Terrior. Shes awesome.

Me and my two wonderful lil sisters.

Ok I am 6' 1" 170 lbs and this is my cousin a bouncer for a club in Pontiac Michigan Shocked

You said pizza Mune (and I have no idea about pizza and cake but I have some to add)..........

.......and Cake (my nieces and nephews had a blast with this by the way) lol!

My wonderful Pit puppy (this is my child lol! )

Me and my nephew at his graduation party
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PostSubject: Re: Heeerrrrrrre's Gofer!!!!!!!   Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:58 am

Nice pics man ^^

But if you want to talk about the best pit in the world here she is - Meet Rosie:

and my older Brindel Staffy Grace:

Both of these are from a while back, when we lived in FL. After we moved here, I had to give my lil girl to my younger brother and his wife. My older girl right there - I had for 9 years. Those 2 were my kids, now I have a little boy. Very Happy Funny how karma works out.
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Heeerrrrrrre's Gofer!!!!!!!
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