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 Rules for limbus

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PostSubject: Rules for limbus   Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:18 pm

Welcome to Limbus. Members are to gather together on time in Port Jeuno. When you arrive, you will need to purchase a Cosmo-Cleanse for 15k gil from Sagheera who is in Port Jeuno. Gather time will be at 9:00 pm Cst 10:00 pm Est, unless otherwise specified in an /lsmes or /seacom from leaders.

All coins will be split evenly at the end of each chip farming run. In the event that the coin total does not break even, additional coins are held in trust by the event leader, and will rollover to be divided equally upon completion of our next farming run. Coins from boss runs will always rollover into the next farm run.

Artifact upgrade item drops will need to be put in a /seacom to lot them exclusively, and will cost you 1 point. Artifact items that are not commented will be freelot, called out by leader (by job level), and cost you zero points. This applies to both Apollyon, and Temenos areas.

Each completed chip farming run will earn you a total of 2 points. If you do not stay until end of run, or if you arrive late, you will only earn 1 point.

Every piece of gear from Omega will cost a total of 5 points. In addition, each Omega run that we do will qualify each member for 1 point for the night.

The main focus of the shell is for Homam drops from Omega. While we do run Temenos on a fairly regular basis, Ultima will be run far less frequently than Omega until there is a larger need by members for Nashira drops.
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Rules for limbus
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