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 Divine Might/ZM14 ~ do you need it?

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PostSubject: Divine Might/ZM14 ~ do you need it?   Mon Oct 26, 2009 1:06 pm


I am organizing a DM run (Divine Might) for Sunday 01NOV09 at 1pm EST. We are currently about half full… if you are interested, contact me in-game or post a reply. Let me know what LVL 75 jobs you have (if you are a pld or blm, please let me know your meriting status).

• ZM14 Ark Angels active (or past it) ~ make sure to have your cut scenes before the fight!
• Ark Pentasphere (one item required per alliance per attempt)

I have one Ark Pentasphere. Let me know if you also have one… it would be nice to have a backup or two just in case. Try and get one before next weekend (can only get it during full moon, 00:00 to 03:00, clear weather… read wiki for instructions)

• Bring a stack of poison pots (some mobs have aoe sleep spell/ws)
• Bring food, mp regen drinks, etc.
• Everyone has to have an RR item. This is essential for a fast recovery after we wipe.
• READ THE WIKI: http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Divine_Might
• READ THE STRATS: http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Divine_Might/Strategies

The strategy we use will be dependent what jobs we have available. If enough people contact me before Friday, I will update this thread so that people can come prepared and we can waste less time getting organized. Please make sure you are familiar with all the info in the wiki!!

Ideally, we will gather in sky for 1pm EST, go over strat and enter at 1:30pm. I have chosen this time to accommodate as many people as possible. Please let me know if you are interested and cannot make that time.

Current list of people who need this or can help:
• Grizzly
• Gillmaree (pld, mnk, ???)
• Jayy (blm, whm, pup, cor, rng)
• Kory (mnk, pld, ???)
• Innervision (rng, ???)
• Centurino (rdm, ???)
• Shavonne (whm, ???)
• Curtmizter (whm, war, thf, cor)
• Trig (thf, cor, bst)

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PostSubject: Re: Divine Might/ZM14 ~ do you need it?   Mon Oct 26, 2009 9:13 pm

I can help out IF im awake at 1 PM, i usually dont get up till around 1:30 but i'll help out with w.e job you need the most.

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PostSubject: attendees   Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:02 am

PT 1 (kite/hold pt)
Kory - PLD
Centurino* - RDM
Exander - WHM (Helping)
Espantos* - NIN
Rufusthered* - RDM
Gillmaree - PLD (Helping)

PT 2 (DD pt)
Grizzly - BRD/WHM (Helping)
Jayy - RNG
Innervision - RNG
Trig - COR/WHM
Firabe - MNK or DRK
Gravios - WAR

PT 3 (DD pt)
Curtmizter - WHM (Helping)
Alagrist - SAM
Munenori - SAM (Helping)
Mastaweed - DRK
Fros - BRD/WHM (Helping)
Evudant* - WAR

* means I have not been able to 100% confirm them yet (get back to me on your friends Centurino!)

If everyone shows we are full. If you still need this, let me know or send me a /t on Sunday as we might be able to work something out.

I still have not heard if anyone else has an Ark Pentasphere. PLease let me know if you have one. If we do not get another, we will only have one shot at this (which I am sure will be fine anyways, but better safe than sorry).

Strat details coming soon…
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PostSubject: Re: Divine Might/ZM14 ~ do you need it?   Tue Nov 03, 2009 1:46 pm


Unfortunately, last weekend did not go as planned... only 8/18 people showed up and pickup people bailed on us last minute. We will try again this Saturday evening, tentavitely for 7pm EST (07NOV09). I will make a new list of people/jobs attending. PLEASE SHOW UP ON TIME IF YOU SIGN UP. Add it to your calendar, inform your wife/husband/bff you cannot take him/her out, kick the cat outside, etc. If you find out later in the week that you cannot come, let me know asap so I can rep you and not shout in WG.

FULL MOON happens all saturday. Please use this time to pick up an Ark Pentasphere or satisfy the requirements if replacing your already acquired earring.

STRATEGY will involve a super-tanking method this time.

I will take names/jobs at Sky, Dyna and Sea this week... lets keep this in shell so we can guarantee a win. Post here if you want in or /t me in game.

Thanks guys!
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PostSubject: Re: Divine Might/ZM14 ~ do you need it?   

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Divine Might/ZM14 ~ do you need it?
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