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 Dynamis Rules

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PostSubject: Dynamis Rules   Fri Feb 06, 2009 1:21 am

General Rules for all Dynamis Areas

1. If you cannot make a run you need to tell me "Royalblood" or one of the sac holders or place a post in the General forum of this site that you cannot make it to run. For no reason are you to be logged onto the game and not in dynamis. We do not want to here about experience points party, crafting, or questing. It is not fair to the people who show up to dynamis. You will be removed from the shell if you break this rule.

2. When you arrive on the shell please set comment for the item that you need asap based on the rules for the area we are entering. Do not lot on artifact till your name is called. Please place artifact armor in blue search comment. After setting your comment if you change you need to send a tell to one of the sacs so they can make adjustments before we enter the zone. If you change comment while in zone you will be barred from loting. The rest of the run. If we find that you repeat this action on multiple runs you will be removed from the shell. Gear is always in blue search comment and 100's in red if allowed for the zone unless otherwise stated by myself. Arriving late to runs bans you from loting 100's and loting 100's in dreamlands is not allowed.

3. All runs are sponcored which means "Free entry" DO NOT LOT on coins, you may free lot logs, gold beastcoins, frozen head, relic weapons, mythril beastcoins, infinity core, relic steal, Wootz ore .

4. Everyone must be in zone at gather time which is wed and sun 6.30pm cst 7.30pm est Ariving late to a run is disruptive to the runs, anyone arriving late cannot lot 100's and is limited to only commenting on 1 piece of armor. This starts as soon as we break glass to enter, if you are recieving glass from mule you will be concidered late.

5. Everyone needs to follow direction and not play hero during the run. Only do what you are told. If you do not understand something during the run send a tell to Darkseid

6. Do not spam the leaders with tells it take away from the focus of the run. If you have an emergency please send the tell to "Royalblood" and he will relay the messege to sac holders.

7. Please keep being AFK to a minimum it disrupts the run. If you have to go AFK please send a tell to "Royalblood" , He will instruct you on where you can place your character while you are AFK. Keep your time away from the run to a minimum. When you get back from AFK send a tell to "Royalblood" to get instructions on where you need to go in case we are in the middle of a sac pull. Do not go on /follow during the run this can cause a major mistake and cost us the run.

8. All dds excpet for Gravios, Royalblood, Royalknight, Cloey, and Munenori must stand behind Kory at all times. All blms, plds, and rdms need to be in front of Kory for sleeps and kiting statues brought to camp by pullers.

9. Blms need to focus on sleeping all mobs first then nuke statues that are brought to camp. All Blms need to sub /rdm for time nukes. Once Statues are dead focus on sleeping mobs that may wake up from sleep. Avatars need to be sleped Asap due to astral flow.

10. Rdm need to keep blms, whm, and plds refreshed at all times. Rdm need to help blms sleep mobs and scorpions and crows need to be silance at all cost.

11. Pld that are not main tank need to voke statues to help keep them off mages. Once statues are dead you should then place "Provoke" and "Flash" on sleeping mobs.

12. DD's are not to store, thfs need to have all thf gear on attacking all mobs to help with drops. Do not attack mobs that are not engaged by "Kory" or main Assist. If we find that you are a repeat offender of soloing mobs you will be removed from the shell.

13. If we find anyone that is constanly AFK or just hanging in the back and not contributing to the run you will get a warming from a sac holder. If we see that you are a repeat offender you will be removed from the shell.

Dynamis Rules In City's

1. You may lot two pieces of artifact per run from your 2 comented unless told otherwise. Please set comment for artifact that u would like to lot for the area in blue.

2. Your comment can also be set for 1 pieces of gear and a 100 in the run. You are only allowed to win 1 100's per run. Please place Money/gear lot comment in red search comment. If you arrive late to run you cannot lot 100's for the areas that allow it.

Dynamis Iceland's Rules

1. Thief hands from Xarcabard will always be a lot order and will be determined by leader of shell.

2. If you are lotting gear you can put up a comment for up to 2 items. Once you win a lot on two of your items you cannot lot on any other gear unless you are the only one up for that piece of armor or if an item goes freelot.

Dreamlands Rules

1. first 100 100's will go to sponcer.

2. You can comment up to 2 pieces of gear for each category of gear, for example a aritfact armor, a -1 artifact armor, and a accessory. When lotting -1 AF you must have the equivilant piece of gear to match in order to lot. You must have the job leveled to 70 in order to comment. After you win 1 piece of armor you cannot win another unless you are the only one on the list for a piece of armor or if an item goes freelot.

**Royalblood is the leader of the Shell he reserves the right to change the rules if he sees fit.
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Dynamis Rules
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