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 Sky Rules and Lot Order

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PostSubject: Sky Rules and Lot Order   Thu Apr 23, 2009 1:29 pm

1. Lot order is determined by attendance and length of time in the shell. All members need to establish a wish list of what items they want from sky. You must have 10 points in order to lot a 3 point item and you must have at least 5 points to lot a 1 point item in sky. Please make sure that items you are placing on your wish list is for jobs that are lvl 70 and above.

2. Money drops will be sold at the end of the month and distributed out to attendees that has accumilated 5 points for the month. We do a average of 8 runs per month this means u need to show up for at least 5 out of the 8 runs. If you show up to a scheduled run and stay till the end you will get a full point. If you show up late or leave early you will only get half a point. Runs will last an average of 4 hours. You can also get rewarded one point for donating certain pop items that was farmed on your own time. Members that have joined the shell toward the end of the month will have thier points roll over into the following month for payout.

3. Points will be listed on the site. If you decide to leave the shell your points become null and void. If you miss 4 runs in a row you will be listed Inactive until I hear from you and you inform me of your situation. Depending on the circumstances I will keep your points until you return to game. If I place you on Inactive status and you do not return to shell for an entire month your points will become null and void and you will have to start over again when and If you do return to the shell.

4. Payouts will be given out on the 1st monday of each month once all items have sold. I will hold your payout for a total of 2 weeks. If you do not show up or try to find me ingame for payout you will forfiet your payout.

5. You absolutely must bring oils, powders, and a reraise item to runs. This is no exception!!! These areas are 90% aggro to magic when traveling to camp areas. If we see that someone is a repeat offender you will be kicked.

6. Please be on time so we can all travel as a group. We will all learn to navigate this difficult zone, but in the mean time this is a new learning experience for most of us.

7. Most important please follow directions, this is what keeps everyone alive and helps us to reach our objectives.

8. You cannot join another sky linkshell. You will be kicked No exceptions!!!

9. If you have a problem or an issue please address it with a sackholder in a /tell. Causing problems in the shell will not be tolerated and if disruptive behavior persist you will be kicked.

10. Rules are subject to change at any time.

**Oh yeah and please respect each other and HAVE FUN!!

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PostSubject: Pop Sets for Gods in Sky   Thu Apr 23, 2009 1:42 pm


* Seiryu (Seal of Seiryu)
o Steam Cleaner (Gem of the East)
o Mother Globe (Springstone)

* Suzaku (Seal of Suzaku)
o Brigandish Blade (Gem of the South)
+ (Curtana)
o Faust (Summerstone)

* Byakko (Seal of Byakko)
o Despot (Gem of the West)
o Ullikummi (Autumnstone)
+ Aura Statue (Diorite)

* Genbu (Seal of Genbu)
o Zipacna (Gem of the North)
o Olla Grande (Winterstone)
+ Aura Pot (Ro'Maeve Water)
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Sky Rules and Lot Order
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